10 Ways to Become Successful Hong Kong’s Richest Man Li Ka-shing Reveals

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Here are 10 ways to become one of Hong Kong’s richest people:

Interviewer : “Mr. Lee,” he said. How lucky are you to succeed? ”

Method-1. Focus on your work

“In the 1980s, I was named Man of the Year. I remember a little time when a TV reporter from Hong Kong interviewed me. ”

“I do not want to deny that time gave birth to heroes,” he said. But let me be clear. When I started my business, I never relied on luck. I relied on hard work and money-making skills. If you focus on the business, you will gradually become the best you can be. ”

Method-2. Give employees a sense of ownership

“In family and small businesses, you can do whatever you want,” he said. But as the company grows, you need to give your employees a sense of belonging. This is very important. That’s why my top employees are one with me. ”

Method 3 Do not waste money

“One morning,” he said. As I pulled the car key out of my pocket, I accidentally dropped a $ 2 coin and rolled under the car. As soon as the car leaves, the coin will roll into the groundwater pipeline. So as soon as he did not want to run out of coins, he crawled under the car and tried to get them back. When the guard saw this, he came to me and asked, “Mr. Lee, why?” When I told him the coin had fallen, he took it under the car. When I got the coin back, I gave him a hundred dollars. Why did I do that? If I did not collect the coin, it would fall into the underground pipeline and be lost forever. The $ 100 given to the guard is not lost. Because he can use this money. Money is to be used in this world. Not in vain. ”

Method 4: Seek knowledge

“At the age of 12, I became an apprentice. At the age of 15, she is able to support her entire family. Without a formal education, I realized that I had to work hard and acquire knowledge. Whenever I have extra money, I buy old books. Then read it to your heart’s content and resell it. I buy books back with the money I can sell. To this day, I still read before going to bed every night. Knowledge does not guarantee that a person will become rich. But for those with knowledge, more opportunities open up. It opens up opportunities. ”

Method 5 Make a strategy

“All my top employees know that I want efficiency in my work,” he said. They know what will come before a meeting, and I know what they have done. Some people know how to justify themselves and hope that you will help them solve their problems. Frankly, they can give you the best advice possible if they are all prepared. Simply put, you are the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. You can not shoot better than a machine gunman, and you can not shoot as well as a soldier in the artillery. But it is not your job as Commander-in-Chief to do that. Your job is to strategize. “Strategy is very important for an organization.”

Method 6 Be prepared for times of crisis

“Difficulties. You need to be prepared for times of crisis. In recent years, the stock market, At a time when the real estate market and the general economy have stagnated, we have stepped up our investments. “One of the reasons we did that was because we were prepared.”

Method 7 Work hard to improve

“As a kid, I used to have a lot of self-esteem. Because when I was playing with my friends, I just wanted to gain knowledge. My friends, including me, have low grades. As time went on, they remained the same, and my knowledge increased dramatically. This is what I do. But I was constantly working to improve. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. And I named my company Good Bush. It was not named the Yangtze River but its tributary. Myit Nge From small streams “Without the influx of water, the Yangtze River would not be possible.”

Method 8 Do not look at money alone

There are many lucrative jobs. But I will not. One must be able to look beyond the money. Life will be more meaningful as long as we maintain our dignity.

Method 9: Fight for policy

“What else do I do besides business?” As a Hong Konger, I have a lot to do for Hong Kong. I have a lot of policies. Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “free” business model. Number 2: Freedom of movement (I take this very seriously). Number 3: Permanent Residence Permit

Method: 10. Make the world a better place

“My life is different from most people’s lives,” he said. I had no childhood. At the age of ten, I became a refugee and had to run all the time because of the war. The first step is to find a place to live. And for the job. All my life I have always thought that I would try to make up for the loss of my childhood. I was always thinking about what I could do in areas like education and healthcare. I spent the summer with my sons in the area where I grew up. Everything remains the same. For hundreds of thousands of years, the surrounding mountains and forests will remain the same. Those who are now alive will not exist at that time. Life is a short journey. Sowing good seeds for the earth is the right thing to do. ”