About Wealthy Thumb Owners

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From the parts of a person to the rich thumb owners, there is something that can tell you what that person is like.

This time, it’s not clear how the person feels. Here is a reason I can only tell you if I have a personality… ..

1 = If you have a straight thumb that does not bend backwards when you raise your thumbs up, then you are a very serious team …… အဖွဲ့.

It’s not a room that is hard-hearted and sensitive.

2 = People who bend a little or a little when they raise their thumbs are the feeling of poverty.

He is a good communicator and likes to express his thoughts.

If the first joint of the hand is longer than the second joint, consider the upper joint as the first joint if you do not raise your thumb. He is also a hard worker.

When it comes to love, it takes a long time to be faithful when it comes to making important decisions based on self-confidence.

Decision = If the first joint of the thumb is shorter than the second joint, all your decisions are based on practicality rather than emotion.

When it comes to romance, you tend to be more pragmatic when it comes to emotions than when it comes to romance.

To overcome this problem, when looking for love, you should leave the practical things behind and think a little about the feelings.