Have fun wherever you go

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The goal is to set. But not all goals have been achieved. Most of the goals you achieve while working are often achieved. Goals set as a child are common. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. These goals are the only ones that have been screened for a year and a half, and have been screened after a rich intellectual filter. That, too, may be the goal of prosperity.

But everyone has their own expectations. Often, they set goals based on their hobbies and goals. That vision They are born with a goal in mind and work in a related field. Sometimes hobbies are based on hobbies, and when it comes to financial growth, goals can be awkward. That goal is often the happiest part of his life. This can be seen as a crazy kiss. They are also looked down upon.

The goal is quite strange. People who aim for education People who set goals for money; People with different goals and ambitions, such as those who aim for prominence.

The goal is to get a doctor’s degree. In fact, they have a doctor’s degree. But there are a lot of singers who quit their jobs as doctors. Nowadays, movie actors, Many of the singers are seen as medical actors.

Some go on to get a doctor’s degree, but what they actually do is another business. The man who founded one of the most famous bakeries in Myanmar was a doctor, but he was especially successful as he tried to make his bakery business a success. He also built a successful brand. Who knows but what the main purpose of the baker is? Is the goal education? Business? From the current results, the economy is key. In that sense, it is possible both were successful in life.

Another is the growth of people who pursue a hobby with a passion in mind and strive to succeed in it.

Dr Khin Maung Lwin, a doctor with a degree in medicine from FAME Pharmaceuticals, has an enviable speech for his audience due to his expertise and interest in pharmaceutical manufacturing. I think it is based on hobbies.

His responses to the interviews about the drugs he produces prove that he is interested in these disciplines, explaining the ingredients in the good, unobtrusive avocados and herbs. It is supposed to be a hobby-based goal. Since it was a hobby-based success, I figured that this place would be a pleasure for the teacher.

The goal of some people is to make money with the goal of making a lot of money over a period of time. They make it a success or a failure. In some cases, justice may be done to achieve the goal. They tend to ignore injustice. If you succeed with a good attitude before you succeed, you will be rewarded with good deeds. I will do charity work. Although they had good intentions to reward their employees for their success, they gradually lost their desire for money.

His business; Water sources to support your path to success. It can even cut off the roots. “I do not want the water bottle to burst. “It simply came to our notice then. If you do not get it, you will not be happy. You get to be happy when you get it. Even if you are there with the same business mindset, will you be happy where you are?

In other words, everyone has a goal to set. We have to go as planned. It’s a pleasure to strive for a goal based on your hobbies, and if you do, you will enjoy it.

Therefore, we should be careful not to forget the spirit of sharing with others while fulfilling our taste of “happiness wherever we go”.