“How to stop a gossip”

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One day to the Greek philosopher Socrates
A neighbor who was very gossipy came along.
The scholar knows that this man is very good at gossiping.

As soon as he arrived, the man started talking.
Teacher, I heard a message about you this morning.
I ran without even eating because I wanted to tell you that.

Socrates waved him away and said:
“Before I listen to your message, I have three questions.
I will listen to your message after you answer those questions. ”

The man said, “Yes, sir. Please ask what you want to ask. ”
“The first question I want to ask is, is what you said good for me?” ”
“Not included, sir.” in fact”

“She is OK. I’m going to ask the second question: Is your news useful to me?
“Not included, sir.” But… ”

“Calm down. Let me ask you one last question. Is that news true ?? ”
I do not know for sure, sir. As far as I can hear….

“Your good news is not good.
It does not benefit me.
Why did I spend so much time talking about the wrong news?
I do not have time to listen. Get out of here! ”Socrates drove the man away.

The wise do not take time to listen to gossip.