After marriage, do you have more Kate than ever before?

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Marriage Divorce is one of the factors that can cause great frustration for uncles and aunts. Surveys show that girls are more likely to gain weight after marriage, while boys are more likely to gain weight after divorce.

It is less common in younger people, but is more common in men and women between the ages of 30 and 50.

According to Dmitry Tumin, a research student at Ohio State University, marriage is a function of age. It has been suggested that both cases, whether divorced or not, are one of the main causes of weight gain, and research has been conducted on the issue.

Research has shown that marriage and divorce can cause fluctuations of up to 20 pounds, and that such fluctuations can lead to heart disease.

For women, weight gain is most likely to occur within two years of marriage, and for men, it can be significant within a short period of time after divorce. So, whether it is after marriage or not. Exercise and a balanced diet, even after a divorce, can help every man and woman achieve a healthier life.