Land Rover Defender wins 2021 World Car Design Award at World Car Awards This is due to the 2018 Range Rover Velar; This is the third time since the 2012 Range Rover Evoque.

The New Defender retains the Land Rover’s seventy-year identity and is the perfect blend of classic ideas for the 21st century. In addition, name, The design and performance are unique, and the body design is one of the four most popular accessory packs for the driver, making it the most advanced of all.

The World Car Design of the Year award recognizes it as one of the world’s most outstanding cars of the past 12 months, at the forefront of technological innovation and setting new boundaries for the automotive industry.

Gernot Bracht from Pforzheim Design School, Germany: Design experts; United Kingdom – Director of Design, CALLUM Ian Callum; Germany – Gert Hildebrand from Owner Hildebrand-Design; Patrick le QuĂ©ment from Designer and President of the Strategy Committee – The Sustainable Design School, France; USA – Academy of Art University, Former Head of Design – Tom Matano from Mazda; USA – Chief Creative Officer, and Design instructor, Victor Nacif from New School of Architecture and Design and apan – CEO, Shiro Nakamura Design Associates Inc. Shiro Nakamura from

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